Getting through “The Low”

It comes without reason.  At first, I don’t recognize it.  I mistake it for being tired or maybe just a bit worn down from the day to day stuff.

Afterwords, I realize it was The Low.   Not depression, I don’t think, it never lasts very long.

During The Low I am unable to follow my routine.  I lose things, forget stuff.  I am unmotivated.  I drink more and have less discipline.  I don’t sleep well but I want to sleep all the time.

The Low is a mental and spiritual suck.  Inspiration is gone.  I wonder if I am sick.  I am not.

What is this?  What causes it?  What can I do to prevent it?

I think it’s just life – do you experience The Low?

Getting through is like getting through a storm. Hunker down and know that it will pass.

I always know when it leaves.  its like a clearing, I am back and feel ready, my routine, my work, my curiosity, my Spirit is back.