Jungle -daily prompt

We are lost in this place.  We strain to find the path; we find illusion and mirage.

This place becomes familiar; it begins to feel homey and friendly.  We can party, fulfill desires, we can do what ever we please.   We are drawn to the fruits of this jungle.  Yet, somehow, we know it is not home.

This place becomes dangerous without warning.  We become abandoned, lonely, ashamed.  We seek comfort in the jungle but it withdraws.  The fruit is suddenly bitter.  We try to hack our way through the vines and weeds.  The obstacles are endless and ever renewing.

This place is cold.

We cannot escape.  To find the path out – it cannot be done.  It must be shown to us – We must be saved.

We acknowlege this.  We surrender to our fate – it is beyond our power to find the path.

A Compass is found …

<a href="http://Compass“>Compass

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