Brain clarity – bring focus and presence to your day.

You swing best when you have the fewest things to think about.  ~Bobby Jones

It’s easy not to notice the mind and emotional fog.  It sneaks up on you.

The atmosphere, not the weather or oxygen, but the atmosphere of click bate, deadlines, social media distractions, binge tv, binge drinking, dieting, shopping, traffic, getting ahead…STOP!!

We need clarity.  What can we do to slowly but surely bring clarity back into our daily deal.

James Clear   It’s funny how peoples names often coincide with what they do – that’s another post.   James has made it his mission to recognize and help bring clarity and focus back into our lives.  He’s onto something – check him out.

Event without reading Mr. Clear, the following can be good first steps:

  • Pick a day a week to donate or trash something you haven’t used in last year.  And get rid of it – instant feel good.
  • REMOVE Facebook from your phone.  Just your phone – you will not miss it.
  • Create a repeatable morning routine – what ever that is for you that sets you off on the right foot.  This takes some trial and error.  It’s worth it.
  • Sleep – ideally, go to bed early enough so that you don’t need an alarm clock- May not be possible, but if you can, it will be a huge payoff to your clarity.   At least, figure out how to average 7 hours minimum.
  • Practice Saying NO!  Say NO to anything that doesn’t fit into your goals and current purpose, direction.   Say No – it’s ok.
  • Drink Less Alcohol – this can be really difficult at first, it may change who you hang out with – after 30 days, you mind will be clearer and you will feel better and your friendships may be about more than drinking.

Simplify where ever you can and practice being present and clear.  Become aware of what that feels like and remove that in your life that disrupts it.

Getting through “The Low”

It comes without reason.  At first, I don’t recognize it.  I mistake it for being tired or maybe just a bit worn down from the day to day stuff.

Afterwords, I realize it was The Low.   Not depression, I don’t think, it never lasts very long.

During The Low I am unable to follow my routine.  I lose things, forget stuff.  I am unmotivated.  I drink more and have less discipline.  I don’t sleep well but I want to sleep all the time.

The Low is a mental and spiritual suck.  Inspiration is gone.  I wonder if I am sick.  I am not.

What is this?  What causes it?  What can I do to prevent it?

I think it’s just life – do you experience The Low?

Getting through is like getting through a storm. Hunker down and know that it will pass.

I always know when it leaves.  its like a clearing, I am back and feel ready, my routine, my work, my curiosity, my Spirit is back.