Elegance is…

Elegance is a flow that is natural,

It doesn’t try, it doesn’t compare, it doesn’t worry…

Never complicated, Elegance only maintains what is necessary to achieve it’s purpose

Elegance is form that draws from the Devine; reflects the eternal harmony.

Elegance is rare. Yet you can see it in a sunrise or in a child’s’ generosity.

To be Elegant, you must be your pure self and selfless, it is not effort but very difficult to achieve.



Wa is the Japanese word for Harmony.  Or more specifically, peaceful unity and conformity within a social group, in which members prefer the continuation of a harmonious community over their personal interests.

Rugged Individualism, consumerism, instant gratification, personal independence, freedom to pursue your own dreams have all pushed Wa to the side in the Western, and particularly American, culture.

In Japanese culture, Wa put the needs of the society and community before the individual. A very strict code of respect and humility, a strong sense of honor and dignity provide for WA. There was no God accept for the divine leader. The Shogun.

Is this type of Harmony impossible in the West? It depends.

Jesus provides the answer. Can we humble ourselves enough set aside individual differences and seek Harmony with the Kingdom of God?