Daily prompt -Saintly Strength

As a boy I never thought of Saints as strong men.   From my perspective they were odd,  usually poor,  meek, they didn’t care about power, physical strength, wealth, fame.   These were all the things I DID care about.

Even though I had a strong attraction to God and spiritual concepts I gradually moved closer to things of this world.  Saints were not something that interested me other than to acknowledge that they were Saints; some unachievable status granted by the Church.

Then, the world turned on me, as it usually does.  In very difficult circumstances, I realized what friendship really meant.  I realized that this world is temporary, not just in the life or death sense, but even more so.  It is temporary by circumstance.  One day you are healthy and successful, interesting and sought after – and overnight you find yourself very sick, weak, unable to defend, so you are taken advantage of, betrayed and in need of Mercy.

Saints, of which I am certainly far from, have a different, permanent strength.   They are there when the world turns on us.   They can be called on for Mercy.  They love us unconditionally, no matter our circumstances.  They can be beaten, tortured, burned alive and they do not change.

Saintly Strength is true Strength.   This Strength is offered to us.  It is not easy to receive but it’s there when we needed it – all we need to do is humbly ask.


Please let me know your thoughts…