Still praying for Dad

When a loved one leaves us it hurts.  The individual spirit is swept back into the ocean of life.  We can no longer see them, hear them, touch them.  Yet, the spirit has rejoined the whole of which we are a part.

In nature, all around us, we see death, we see birth and rebirth from winter to spring.  We are not separate from this and yet it remains a mystery.

It is written that we must follow The Way to rejoin the eternal beyond.  We must not embrace Sin but rather intend to reflect “The Way” in our daily life.

So, my dad, did not know Christ, but I know that his life followed The Way that Christ illuminates.  I know my dad has rejoined the ocean of which I am a part.

I hope that he feels my spirit and soul as he rests in peace.

Baby Proofing

The toddler quickly finds trouble at grandma’s house. So, Grandma lovingly tries to remove the dangers.

Eventually, with loving guidance from parents and mentors we learn the difference – avoid things that cause pain.

Toddlers learn to avoid sharp edges and navigate the least painful path.

As adults, it’s harder to distinguish the difference between the path that leads to joy or misery. Ironically, often the choice of immediate pleasure is the wrong way.

We must learn the way of Wisdom. This is beyond parenting and mentorship.

Wisdom comes from within

Beyond health and beauty I loved her, And I chose to have her rather than the light, because her radiance never ceases.

Yet all good things together came to me with her,and countless riches at her hands;

I rejoiced in them all, because Wisdom is their leader,though I had not known that she is their mother.

Wisdom 7:10-12

We make mistakes. Even the most pious Saints and the greatest Kings, like Solomon, make mistakes. Through humility and seeking Wisdom-mistakes can lead you to the path of Joy.

Love Wisdom and the right path will be set before you.

The difference

For the Son of Man has come to seek and to save what was lost ~ Luke 19:10

C.S. Lewis says that one of the differences that brought him to Christianity, from Atheism, was the realization that God is Seeking us.

We do not need to go through the rituals and chants, the meditations and sacrifices, we simply need to be aware of Gods message in our daily lives. Do not seek but accept the invitation to be received.

The Message comes. It may be a flock of birds, a young pan handlers’ face, a field of grasses reflecting the morning sun, it comes when you do not seek but remain open.

Something stirs – it’s His voice. Listen, it is The Way.

Follow the Light

The accelerating daily demands and distractions blind us to The Way.

A peaceful existence is available if you understand that your daily distractions do not control you. That promotion, your child’s lessons, your mounting debt, your relationships are temporary and will all pass over time.

You can feel it if you try. Those moments when, perhaps looking at a sunset or sitting by the ocean, getting a hug from a loved one, or just closing you eyes for a moment you can find that place inside that is always at peace. Look for it.

The Lord Said, I am the light of the world, whoever follows me will have the light of life. JN 8-12

That light is in all of us. We must seek it and reconnect. This light leads to The Way. The Way to peace, the path of truth which is always at peace. Steal away a moment to find it in your heart – its there and it connects you to all that is real.

Anchor yourself to it and your daily demands become less demanding.